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Mar 26, 2018

“Hi, Bob.”

Lie down on the couch, listeners, because we're taking you to America's favorite fictional, Midwestern psychologist! Before there was Newhart, there was The Bob Newhart Show. (And also...The Bob Newhart Show. Are you confused yet? Check out the exhibit, and all will be made clear.)

Listen in to learn exciting trivia, such as which two Newhartites voiced seminal cartoon characters! Find out who compared Bob Newhart to a dragon-slaying choirboy! Discover which cast member went "the Full Hesseman" on stage! 

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Become a Newhart expert:

Rolling Stone's 100 Greatest TV Shows of All Time

Variety interview in which Newhart tries to steal Mike and Carol Brady's place as the first couple to share a bed on TV

The AV Club gives props to TBNS

Bob Newhart on the Garry Moore Show (This clip will make you question whether comedy had been invented yet in 1961.)



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