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Nov 25, 2015

This week we looked at a show whose reputation permeates pop culture but which we'd never actually seen. A show in which a sweet mullet, a roll of duck tape, and a phone number for the Boys' and Girls' Club will get you out of any sticky situation:


Pilot (9/29/85)

Partners (S2 E40 3/2/87)

Runners (S4 E77 3/13/89)

Tune in to learn the second best use for chocolate bars, how not to succeed in the world's oldest profession, and what the 80s Action Show Rule of Three is all about.

Get geeky:

MacGyver Online

Will there be a MacGyver remake?

The A.V. Club suggests 10 essential MacGyver eps

Emerald Point N.A.S. intro (it stands for Naval Air Station)

The Fall Guy theme song

Animotion's Obsession (co-written by Michael des Barres)