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A semi-monthly podcast revisiting classic television, one series at a time. Hosts Hannah and Jeffrey are your intrepid and informed tour guides through TV's back catalog as they take a fresh look at shows which have been off the air for at least 15 years and are available on a major streaming service.
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Jun 14, 2017

Hannah and Jeffrey take a look back at the show-about-a-show that helped put HBO on the path to original programming greatness. If you missed Larry Sanders the first time around, start streaming now to see why this single-camera comedy of embarrassment is arguably as influential as The Big S itself.*

*Yes, we just made up that nickname for Seinfeld.

Listen in to learn whose ear was torn by Rip Torn, what was the other successful Delta Burke vehicle of the mid-late 80s, and which star of Entourage started out in the writers' room of Larry Sanders.

Dive deeper:

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

Shandling's obit in Variety

How to Binge Watch The Larry Sanders Show

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May 26, 2017

Hannah and Jeffrey are finally taking on Star Trek

In this exhibit we cover (in semi-exhaustive detail) the folks behind the scenes and in front of the camera on TV's most influential sci-fi series. Beam in to learn which cast member's bar mitzvah prompted a return engagement, which star did unspeakable (fictional) things to Angie Dickinson, and who got career advice from MLK, Jr. himself. Keep listening to find out which TV legends (more than one!) had a hand in getting Star Trek to air, and decide for yourself which TOS cast member had the most "distinctive" recording career.

To learn more, check out...

Spock's Jewish roots

Evil Facial Hair on TV

A comparison of pre- and post-remastering of TOS's visual effects

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Apr 5, 2017

Travel back with us to a time when men were men, the beach parking scene was laid back, and the cars were brown....1970s Los Angeles, where $200 a day (plus expenses) could get you the best private eye in town.

Tune in as we assess the Rockford Files, a stalwart of syndication with a loyal following. Listen carefully and you'll learn ingenious tricks to avoid paying royalties, star James Garner's unfortunate birth name, and who had a battle of words with good ol' Newt Minow!

Extra! Extra! Read more on Rockford and check out trivia from the exhibit:

Garner: Why Steve McQueen Was Like My Brother

The AV Club looks at "Sleight of Hand"

Instrumentals That Cracked the Billboard Top 20

Off the Minnesota Strip promo

Jan 26, 2017

Sometimes you want one of the 80s' defining sitcoms!

In this Season Two opener of the Museum, we turn back to NBC's legendary Thursday night line-up for a look at Cheers. Like its namesake watering hole, this show feels like home to almost anyone who watched TV between 1982 and 1993.

Though Cheers is surely familiar to most listeners, in this episode Jeffrey and Hannah seek to uncover new information about a classic. Questions which may be answered include:

  • Which cast member's sister wrote for the show?
  • Where did creator James Burrows get his start?
  • Who is more of a poncy blowhard, Sumner Sloan or Frasier Crane?
  • How great is Bebe Neuwirth? (spoiler: very)
  • How did Cheers inspire the best Halloween costume ever?

Learn more:

 Long list of Cheers's awards and nominations

Opening credits of Once Upon a Spy

The Ted Danson sandwich

THR interview with James Burrows

George Wendt hoofs it in Hairspray

Terrifying Norm and Cliff robots


Kelsey Grammer falls off a stage

Jan 26, 2017

We are heartbroken about the loss of the singular Mary Tyler Moore, whom our listeners know we revere and respect both as on-camera talent and as a force behind the scenes.  We simply can't imagine TV without her incalculable contributions.

In memorial, we are reposting our episode from December 2015 covering Mary Tyler Moore, and its hourlong spinoff, Lou Grant, and featuring our interview with the legendary Ed Asner.

We join you in mourning Mary. Let's remember her together.