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Jul 2, 2018

Grab your towel and DON'T PANIC! We're off to discover the mysteries of the life with the universe's best-selling guidebook.

Listen and learn about the many incarnation's of Douglas Adams's silly, subversive, and strangely intelligent space saga, find out what the cast is up to nowadays, and discover how Jeffrey...

Jun 18, 2018

Buckle up, friends – we're on the beat with Officers Reed and Malloy. Join us as we cruise the mean streets of LA, apprehending camper thieves and saving the lives of kittens.

Listen in to learn about the amazing "Webb" connecting Adam-12 to both Lost in Space and Columbo! Find out which Hollywood powerhouse guested...

Jun 4, 2018

Couch potatoes, please show your love by becoming a patr(e)on of the Museum!

In this exhibit, join us for further wanderings through the Cop Shows Wing of the TV Museum as we take a look back at a long-running contemporary of Dragnet, the post-Perry Mason Raymond Burr vehicle Ironside.

Learn what The Beastie Boys,...

May 21, 2018

Drive back in time to the Summer of Love and cruise the LA scene with two groovy cats– Sergeant Friday and Officer Gannon!

Learn just how much of an overachiever series creator Jack Webb was, who guested on Dragnet years before running afoul of the real LAPD, and which of your devoted cohosts has an ex-hippie's...

May 7, 2018

Hop on your turnip truck/transatlantic ship/cherry red Mustang, and meet us in Chicago for a reunion with everyone's favorite mismatched cousins!

In this exhibit, Jeffrey and Hannah unveil the Miller Boyett wing of the Museum and reminisce about the now-defunct concept of the branded programming block (thanks,...